Dingoes Show Dominance in Season Practice Match

An outstanding start to the PAFL season of 2019 today with a huge win by the Dingoes over the Eurekas!

The game was a good opportunity for the boys to blow out the cobwebs and get the feel of the Sherrin for the first time in a few months, though the game was not without incident!
The illustrious Tim Kerr came off second best in a hard fought contest with The Panther that saw him take a brutal knock to the head and end with a trip to Makati Med.

Evan Spargo kicked a casual 13 goals to see the Dingoes waltz home comfortably to victory. The old saying goes “what a difference a day makes”….well in this case based on the Dingoes run home in Season 2018, “what a difference a player makes”!!!.

The Eurekas gave it their all with some excellent work from Kris Laws and Philippine Eagles coach Anthony Sacco working brilliantly off of each other up forward, but alas, today was not the day for the boys in blue!