Irelands National Game

Part of PAFL’s expansion plan was to try and draw more people to the game by modelling a best-of-three football series based on the “International Rules” series played yearly between Ireland and Australia. This unique hybrid of Aussie Rules combines Aussie Rules and Gaelic Football and could be best summarised as “Aussie Rules with a soccer ball”. This is attractive for a lot of non-Australians as they are more familiar with the round ball and find it a lot easier to anticipate the flow of the game based on this. It also gives the chance for the frustrated soccer players to actually hold the ball in their hands without getting a penalty against them!

This has been a very popular competition with PAFL as it attracts people who would not normally be attracted to Aussie Rules. Another aspect is that females and children aged 13 and above are permitted to participate which further adds to the diversity of the games. As a result, we have semi-contact rules which keeps the game flowing more quickly and minimises injuries.

With these games, PAFL adopt the same scoring system as the International Rules. We basically stick a set of soccer goals between the normal Aussie Rules goal posts which allows for 6 points for a ball kicked below the horizontal post and into the net, 3 points if the ball goes above the horizontal bar and between the goal posts, and one point as per normal Aussie Rules if a ball is kicked between the goal post and smaller point post.

Everyone is welcome to attend our Gaelic Games regardless of age, gender or nationality. Please click here to go to our season events calendar for the dates we play our Gaelic Games.