1. There is no limit to the size of squad which each team may wish to register for the Competition. But each team must nominate a maximum 18 players before each match. The team list must be signed by the team captain and submitted to the time keeper/scorer. Each team may have 12 players on the field with 6 interchange players. Interchange (unlimited) must be done through the designated interchange area.
  2. Each round robin match will consist of 2 x 12 minutes halves, with a 6 minute half time break. The Manila Cup Grand Final will be 2 x 15 minutes halves, with a 10 minute half time break. It is advisable for coaches to have a match plan and strategies worked out well in advance, as these times must be adhered to.
  3. Announcements will be made for the next teams to be ready during HALF TIME of each match. Each team must be ready for its match at the completion of the previous match.
  4. Except for unavoidable interruptions, the time keeper/scorer will start the clock at the designated commencement time for each match. Teams must vacate the oval as soon as their match has ended.
  5. A send off rule applies and will be at the discretion of the Central Umpire/s. Guidelines for when an Umpire will enforce a ‘send off’, will be provided to the Team Representatives prior to the competition. It is expected that all Captains and Team Representatives will support the Umpires’ decision to send off any player to whom the send off rule is applied. No replacement can be made for a player who has been sent off for the remainder of that match.
  6. Four points will be awarded for a win, nil points for a loss, and 2 points for a drawn match. In the event that teams are equal on points at the end of the round robin matches, percentage will be used to determine final pool positions.
  7. A 25 metre penalty rule shall be enforced for this tournament.