As of this time, the total number of teams participating has not been confirmed but as has been the case in years gone by, there will be two pools of teams. Each team in each pool will play each other once, culminating in semi-finals and a Grand Final to determine the Manila Cup Champions.

Each match will have 2 x 12 minute halves with a 6 minute interval between halves, except the Manila Cup Grand Final which will consist of 2 x 15 minute halves with a 10 minute interval. The schedule is tight and all teams will need to be prompt to commence matches once the previous match has concluded (maximum 15 minute break between games to allow teams playing back to back sufficient rest).

The toss of the coin for each match will determine to which end the teams will kick. The toss will take place at the beginning of each match. Each team is required to have a representative on the day to fulfil this task.

PAFL will provide field umpires for the tournament. We will also endeavour to provide boundary and goal umpires. But in the event that there are insufficient match officials, each team may be asked to provide 2 people from its squad at the beginning of each match to fulfil goal and boundary umpiring duties. This will be done on a pre-determined roster system based on the draw so that it does not interfere with team preparation