The PAFL committee is always looking for ways to promote this great sport in the Philippines, boost our membership and develop a team capable of competing with the best from around the world. With these goals in mind, we came up with the idea for a ‘12-a-side’ tournament to help raise our profile and give us some exposure to international competition.

Being an Asian based team, we have tried to design the format and timing of this event so that it complements, and does not compete with, other regional tournaments. While competition will undoubtedly be keen, the emphasis is on participation and ensuring that it is an enjoyable experience for everyone, be they players, spectators or sponsors. We also hope the tournament might provide a chance for some of the larger Asian teams to give more players a chance to experience international competition, without the high stakes that are now attached to the annual Asian Championships, as well as other teams from around the world who would like to test themselves against the best teams in Asia.